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Harmonious Enterprise, Co-building and Sharing

Responsibility, Mission
To provide top-quality eco-friendly energy-saving materials, to promote revolution of the technical field of building materials

Core Values
Loyal, Devoted, Customer-supreme, Innovative, Reciprocal

Pragmatic, Dedicated, Creditable, Cooperative, Morality-emphasizing

Operation Philosophy
Credit as Basis, Innovation as Root, King as Pursuit

Development Strategy
Thriving in Shenyang, Leading in Northeast, China Leading Plate, World-renowned Enterprise Marketing philosophy
Sales Philosophy
Zhongjie New Building Materials, the Top Choice of Eco-friendly and Energy-saving Buildings in China

Management Philosophy
1、Management from Me; 2、Rule-making, Morality-focusing, Character-building

Corporate Style
Practical, Honest, Professional, Simple, Efficient

Talent Values
Practice Makes Talents.

Market Values
Market is about post.

Quality Values
Top Quality, Constant Improvement